School’s out and so is the sun. For most of us, summer is a time to rest and plan activities, but for kids? It could be the most boring time of the year (LOL, No kidding). To avoid hearing their oh-so-bored lines and to keep them busy, we’ve listed down some suggestions to avoid those lazy days!

  1. Invite the cousins for a sleep over – and teach them a skill!

Summer is a great time to bond with their forever best friends. Plus, it’s also an opportunity to gather them and teach them a skill that the family has inherited from either lolo or lola. Baking, gardening or even cooking simple meals? Kids would love it!

  1. Go camping – in your garden!

Set up a tent in your backyard. Family camping is a great way to build closer relationships between you and the kids. New memories and experiences will be created even if it’s literally a stone’s throw away from home. Time for quality time!

  1. Movie night

Have a collection of kid-friendly films everyone in the family will enjoy. Designate a “movie night” and gather everyone for some shared screen time. Moms can prepare some snacks; dads can take charge of the drinks. Let the kids choose which movie to watch. Now that’s coordination and fun all at the same time. Bring out the popcorn!

  1. Catch some heavenly sights.

Your kids loving astronomy? Google popular constellations and head outdoors to spot the most breathtaking vistas. While we used to turn to astronomy books and  telescopes to observe constellations and planetary bodies, now we have apps for that. Apps like Star Chart and Sky View will help you pinpoint stars, planets, satellites, and space stations. Great bonding ahead!

  1. Summer project

If your kids love crafts, a summer project would be a great way to keep them occupied. Start their summer vacay with an assignment and count the days with them by finishing a certain project. It could be anything from setting up an orange juice stand as a lesson in entrepreneurship 101, to trying out simple yet intriguing science experiments.

  1. Encourage them to volunteer.

Volunteering is a unique learning experience for children. And it’s great to re-enforce at an early age the values of compassion and service they see at home.  Bring them to an orphanage or a home for the aged. They get exposed to people of different backgrounds, honing their social skills. This makes for a rounded, socially aware, and emotionally sensitive child.

  1. Visit the Grannies.

Coordinate schedules and don’t forget to visit granny’s house! Encourage them to hear their grandparents’ stories – about the World War II, what it’s like to live in a time when candy was 10 cents a piece, Facebook didn’t exist, and so much more.

The kids will surely benefit from being with people 2 generations ahead, and the grandparents would feel loved and appreciated too.

  1. Set a ‘no-tech’ rule.

Summer is a fitting time to minimize your kids’ online exposure, especially during meal times. Set the rule to spend only spend 30 minutes to an hour in front of the screen. It could be a day or two in a week – what’s important is that you teach them that there’s something better than being in the digital world. Take the time to explain that meal times are meant for real “face time” among family members.

There you have it, before you even know it, summer is done and you have relaxed, engaged, and content kids – all ready for the start of the new school year!

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