“Why do I have to do everything around here?” “Why can’t you guys be more helpful around the house?” “Please […]
A casual survey among kids and teens on who their role models are revealed an interesting set of answers, ranging […]
“Mama, I want this toy! Waahhhh!” (Child then proceeds to throw a tantrum.) “Daddy, you really need to get this […]
I was walking on the street one day making my scheduled pastoral visits to the sick members in my parish. […]
How was your day? It’s a question that reeks of small talk but at the dinner table, these four words […]
Webster defines GRAND as follows: impressive; very large in scope; having more importance; foremost; inclusive; comprehensive; chief; principal; lavish; lofty; […]
One of the biggest challenges that a new mom faces is being able to successfully breastfeed her newborn baby. The […]
“Mama, why can’t I have this? It’s not faaaaiiirrrr!” “Papa, why do I have to do it? No one else […]
There’s a quote by American mayor and public speaker Rudolph Giuilani that goes like this: “What children need most are […]
I still remember when our eldest son Lance was 3 and curious about almost everything around him.  He loved to […]