I stared at my personal computer and closed my eyes. I was looking at the photos of the New York skyline. One word: Lovely. All I want to do is to go there someday. (Yes, Paris remains my first love, as I said in the last issue.)

Admit it, you also have that one place where you imagine yourself soaking everything in and reveling in adventure.

So we asked our dear readers the question: What is your dream country or travel destination? And why?

Here are their answers:

Holy land pilgrimage or Marian pilgrimage. What a joy to walk where Jesus and Mama Mary walked/lived. I dream to do this with my family soon. – Anne Roblas, 39, Fulltime Mom

Moldova. To prove that happiness index wrong and I want to see for myself why. – Hazel Tactay, 36, marketing specialist

Malta. It’s a little of everything. – Zee Rio, 24, teacher

Australia! Not just for travelling but a place where I wanna do more, experience more, and live more. It offers great mountains and beaches for great adventurers to explore. – Cresty  Tomenio, 29, project officer

London. I want to watch my favorite football team. – Lourde Romero, 23, marketing assistant

Tanzania! Apart from the wildlife, I want to see and witness the Great Migration! – Josh Rosario, 26, msission worker

Madagascar, so I can see those penguins. – David Owen Cabarrubias, 26, creative developer

Europe, to see the art and architecture. – Maxinne Sentina, 27, nurse

Definitely NYC, the city that never sleeps. I’d like to actually see or experience the city’s amazing architecture with their buildings and the people’s sophistication and culture. If “challenge” was a city, I think it would surely be NYC. And I’d like to take on the challenge. – Shannon Martinez, 21, student

South Africa. For me, it is the most diverse place you could ever visit. Their culture is totally different and fun to learn and experience, [you can] witness the wild life where you see animals roam around freely. – Princess Villamosada, 24, med student

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