Thinking of how to get close with your family members while staying indoors? Let’s reach out and take this opportunity by organizing a Family One-to-Ones and share more intimate moments together!


  1. Set a day on when you can schedule one-to-ones with each family member.
  2. Setting a venue is also integral and crucial in having a meaningful one-to-ones. Decide on which avenue you can have this. Since we are asked to stay indoors, we can conduct the one-to-ones on either of your spots at home (e.g. dining, living room, bedroom, balcony, garden, etc.)
  3. Start with an opening prayer.
  4. Ask spontaneously on your spouse/child’s experience the past weeks/month. For guidance, you may start by asking how is he/she on the following aspects:


  1. Spiritual
  2. Intimacy
  3. Work (if working from home)
  4. Relationship with the children
  5. Relationship with her family and in-laws
  6. Chores at home such as sorting out old clothes, cleaning the closet, fixing the broken door furniture/ appliance, cleaning and organizing old toys


  1. Family – relationship with you as mother/father, his/her siblings, etc.
  2. Peers / School / Work – environment, relationship with friends, recent achievements/hardworks done, etc.
  3. Personal matters – dreams and desires, learnings on recent happenings, etc.
  4. Relationship with God – prayer time

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