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Gold nuggets from the gramps and grannies

It might be a cliché to hear them say “Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na kami”, but it’s true that grandparents have the wisdom of the ages and we can only stand to benefit from everything they’ve learned.
Here are some of indelible pieces of advice our grannies have told us sometimes over and over again, sometimes, just once but unforgettably so. We’re telling you, these are words to live by – written in gold. 😉

What is one thing that I learned from my grandparents that I always remember?

Never underestimate your calling. – Gerone Baladhay, 24, seminarian

Finish up the food in my plate. Many people are starving. It should have been them eating my food if I can’t eat them all up. – Mitch Rentino, 19, student

Sabi ng lola ko, hindi daw naisasaing ang pogi. [You can’t cook rice with good looks.] I guess it comes from her having 5 daughters whom she wanted to protect against making looks a basis for finding a husband. Thankfully, her sons-in-law were not only good-looking but good men as well. – Pinky Pop, 47, writer/editor

When I get sick, I always wanted to take a bath kasi feeling ko ang baho baho ko na [because I feel like I stink so bad]. But I’m too scared kasi baka mabinat ako [because I might get a fever]. Lola would always tell me, “Wala pang namamatay sa pagiging mabaho [No one has died yet from being stinky].” – Cherish Angela, 24, Newsletter Editor

When Lola had her Alzheimer’s disease, she would always tell us: “Love is blind but lovers cannot see.” and she would also remind us of John 3:16 more often! – Orvin Orcena, 24, seaman

My late grandfather Tatay Erning would always tell me everytime he goes home drunk the words: “Toto, you go to school to gain knowledge.” – Paul Aguirre, 34, Community Development Assistant

What I really learned from Lolo is when you love, you don’t give yourself to a person, you offer yourself to love itself and become its silent servant forever. – John Lacao, 22, seaman

Yvonne Dolorosa

In her 20s, Yvonne has already reached her dream of working for a publishing company. One of her greatest blessings is her passion for writing, which she uses to make Jesus more known. Aside from being a staunch believer in the saying, "A meal is not a meal without a rice," this true blue Negrense embraces the Filipino value of being family-oriented.

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