All of us have heard of the adage, “Behind every great man is a woman or behind every man’s success is a woman.”  I attribute our success, not to a woman who is only behind us, men, but to a woman who is all around us.  Not in a suffocating way but in a comforting way.  Your man needs you to be his number one fan.  When all things fail, sometimes all your man needs is a glimpse of your re-assuring eyes or your shoulder to cry on to get him back on track. He wants you by his side to celebrate his victories. He loves it when you laugh at his jokes.

Your man relies on you to be his number one critic as well. Point out to him what is not right. He might not show at once that he appreciates it, but deep inside, it really matters.  The key is how you say it, with the intention of helping him out and not putting him down.  Talk to him about the big things, how he relates to the kids. Talk to him about the little things, how that plaid top doesn’t go well with those pants. Your man needs this occasional push for him to do better.

Your man wants you to be his constant prayer warrior. Admittedly, he will have lapses in his own prayer life. He will be caught in the daily grind of work, he might lose focus on the essentials. Whether or not you tell him that you pray for him, he will feel the fruits. This may come in the form of an idea to address a problem he’s been trying to solve, or even your calming presence when he’s under stress.

Your man needs you to be his partner in crime. He will never lose his childish streaks  and would want someone to share these moments with. One day, he might just decide to go on a joy ride to wherever the road leads. On another day, he might want to review shows he watched when he was growing up. Other times, he might just want to do something he has never done before to break the monotony of life. Accompany him in this journey back in time, and enjoy these silly moments with him.

Your man secretly desires that you offer him healthy competition. By nature, he can be competitive. At the same time, he can be insecure. By competing with you, he is in a safe environment where it is okay not to win. Do you ever wonder why he waits for you to replace the rolled-up-one-time-too-many tube of toothpaste? He sees this as a competition on who will give up first.

Finally, your man wants you to be his ultimate inspiration. You are the lighthouse that guides him through his darkest travels.  You are the princess he wants to come home to after the epic battle. You are the reason he goes through the pains and struggles in life. Be the woman he is willing to sacrifice for and ultimately dedicate his life to.

Be all of this, and you would have inspired him even more.

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