Montessori Integrated School in Antipolo continued its series of seminars in collaboration with Family Is a Gift through a session titled “Parenting the Digital Generations,” held last October 13, 2018.

Over 120 parents of pre-school students of MIS attended the seminar. They were welcomed with freebies such as Family Time magazines and Family Is a Gift car stickers. After attending their regular parents and teachers’ meeting that morning, they headed straight to the MIS Auditorium for the session. The program started with a prayer led by Ms. Cristina de Peralta, assistant secretary of MIS Parents Organization, followed by the opening remarks from the vice-president of MIS-MCH Parents Organization, Mr. Dennis Manapat.

Parents were all ears as Ms. Pauline Fermin, Managing Director of Acumen Consulting, Inc., delivered her session “Parenting the Digital Generation.” Ms. Fermin presented the different generations, beginning with the Baby Boomers, referred to as the Digital Tourists, followed by the Gen X or Digital Immigrants, and then today’s Gen Y or millennials who are the Digital Natives, and finally the Gen Z or Digital Mavens, where the children of the parents attending the seminar belonged. She discussed what goes on in each digital generation’s virtual and real world and how this affects how they think and act. The session also tackled how families can protect their children, instill in them the necessary values, and promote family unity in today’s highly technological world.

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