The role of hobbies in the development and growth of a child cannot be underestimated. Definitely, the kind of creative play kids do today will contribute to the person they will be in the future. That is why as the school season comes to a close, let’s make summer time not just fun but productive too! Here’s a rundown of hobbies we can start introducing to our children:

  • Reading and writing. While kids may already be learning enough of these basic skills in school, we can still make an effort to develop them as a hobby in a fun way. For reading, we can find brightly-illustrated books that can help your little ones start appreciating good story-telling. Bring out your inner Broadway actor and have animated story-telling sessions. Make them fall in love with the written word! Combine education of the mind with education of the soul by telling them iconic Bible stories like the parting of the Red Sea or when Jesus walked on water. For writing, make a create-a-story game out of what they experience daily. Spark their imagination!
  • Do-It-Yourself. Crafting and embracing arts at a young age will help the kids explore working with their hands, developing fine motor skills and training them to appreciate textures and colors.
  • Clean Up Drive. With all the clutter accumulated during the holidays, decluttering and doing a general house cleanup will help train the kids in discipline and appreciating order. Let them sort their things into what can still be used and what should be donated. It can also be an opportunity for them to earn money on their own through a garage sale.
  • Just a Snap. Training the kids to have an eye for good visuals will help develop their budding aesthetic sense. Of course, we can’t expect them to become geniuses of lighting and composition overnight, but surely, the fascination to learn more starts somewhere.
  • Let’s Get Physical. For many kids, physical activity means f-u-n. Not only is it beneficial to our health and life, but it allows your kids to develop a healthy sense of discipline and self-confidence they can carry with them until adulthood. If your child’s particular type of intelligence is kinesthetic, meaning she is skilled in expressing herself through the body, she would definitely appreciate simple dance routines you could do together or highly physical games like treasure hunts around the house.

These are just a few of the beneficial hobbies your kids could dive into during the summer. Whatever hobbies our children take on, the most important habit for them to learn is to make prayer an essential part of their life and for them to grow closer to God. Put first things first, and you’ll realize how everything else follows.

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