You won’t believe where I got this method – from a primetime telenovela series (Bet you didn’t see that coming!). It was when the main characters finally decided to declutter their home not as part of general spring cleaning but on a usual day just because. We just can’t blame these fictional people. Who wouldn’t love a home that’s clean and tidy, relaxing and surprise-visitor-ready?

So, if you failed to catch that particular episode, I’m sharing this easy hack to make your home ready for the start of the year. Cleaner abode, yes?

Here are three things you have to remember: Keep, donate, and repair. You then  prepare at least three boxes for items that you’ll identify accordingly. Prepare to say your painful goodbyes to items that have been  stashed under your bed or even in the hall way for months, all because you don’t want to face the ugly truth that you just don’t need them anymore.

The Keep box

This is the where you place clothes, toys, bags, shoes, and other stuff you think can still be of use to you. Be sure to get all family members involved while decluttering so you won’t end up keeping things that no one really wants or throwing things that are for keeps. Another way would be to give each family member a set of three boxes so they can declutter their own rooms.

The Donate box

Do a good deed by making sure that this box will be filled with nothing but goodies that are pre-loved but absolutely functional. Don’t insult your beneficiaries by giving away clothes that looks like rags or something that looks like it’s ready to fall apart. You may want to have extra boxes for stuff you want to give to your extended family, friends, and, to charity. Most charitable institutions like orphanages and homes for PWDs could probably use your extra clothes, books, and other items. That’s an extra mile of love, one that hits two birds with one stone –  you’ve decluttered and helped others.

The Repair Box

Admit it, who has the political will to immediately have something fixed once it conks out? Unless it’s vital to everyday life like you’re car, chances are, we put off having that extra electric fan fixed until we forget about it. Sometimes, there are broken things we just can’t throw away because of their sentimental value. The things here may have smudges, scratches or maybe need a little mending or fixing (e.g. clothes that need a bit of sewing, a wrist watch that needs new batteries). Chuck ‘em in and show them some love.

Here’s a plus: Ever thought of getting extra cash while getting rid of your pre-loved stuff? Organize a garage sale. This can be your fourth box. Tip: You can do it through your Facebook groups by adding some friends. It will be an advantage if they are near your area, so you won’t have to worry about shipping fees and they will have a chance to visit you. Post the items, set reasonable prices, and maybe add an “RFS” (reason for selling) for some items and you’re good to go!

Now you’re ready to grab those storage boxes and start decluttering which is now way more fun! Greet 2018 with a truly fresh start: a home that has more breathing space and ready to let the new in.

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