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The New Year means New Hobby!

Hello, it’s 2018, time to move on and feel the vibe of a brand-new year with a brand-new hobby. We asked our readers and friends on what theirs would be, and the almost all of the answers to the question “What new hobby do you plan to learn this year?” sound pretty funny! What’s yours?


Learn how to play the violin, please. – Andrelene Veloso, 21, editorial assistant

Scuba Diving! – Eli Fernandez, 26, business owner

Watching anime and waiting weekly for it. Never experienced that. – Allen Manimog, 26, IT supervisor

Vlogging – Irene Velado, 23, chemist

Getting married this year so, home making. Nyahahaha. Kilig and excited here! We’ll have our own urban garden. I have to clean the house look for plates and other things. I’ll make sure to keep our home clean and serve mouthwatering dishes. Our home will be an extension of Christ’s home. I have to make sure it is appropriate for a King. 😉 – Glace Suaberon, 30, project officer

Swimming. – Lourde Romero, 23, marketing assistant

Take my calligraphy seriously! – Alma Alvarez, 47, writer/editor

Seryosohin na ang spoken word poetry! – Gerone Baladhay, 25, philosophy student

Drone flying! – Roy Verdolaga, 54, missionary

Calligraphy. More wood works and pallet art! – Alvin Ricafort, 44, customer support executive

Free Diving. – Zee Rio, 24, teacher

Cooking and baking. – Sheila Blanco

Outdoor archery! – Mark Paune, 27, accountant

Driving! – Renz Sucaldito, 23, electrical engineer

Not really a hobby but an attitude of being “consistent” — Consistent in having healthy and spiritual lifestyle. – Anne Marie Jumayao, 25, nurse

Calligraphy! – Abby Castillo-Cabaraban, 29, HR manager

Free diving! – Mary Lebria, marketing supervisor

Ballroom?! LOL – Benjamin Presto, 29, online freelancer

Playing ukulele. – Glis Amen,  28, pastoral worker

Arnis and Archery. Arnis is one fave Filipino sport that enhances self-defense and archery develops proper body posture and confidence. – Cresty Tomeñio, 29, project officer

Yvonne Dolorosa

In her 20s, Yvonne has already reached her dream of working for a publishing company. One of her greatest blessings is her passion for writing, which she uses to make Jesus more known. Aside from being a staunch believer in the saying, "A meal is not a meal without a rice," this true blue Negrense embraces the Filipino value of being family-oriented.

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