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Ways to say ‘I love you’ without actually saying it

At lightning speed, technology is shaping this generation’s taste, preferences, as well as modes of expression. There’s Instagram that has replaced the classic family album as a digital portfolio where you can share your photos with a click of a button. With Soundcloud, you can record song covers, get listened to, and followed by complete strangers – not just your friends and loved ones. And then there’s Dubsmash, where you can take selfie videos dubbed over with famous lines movies, songs, and more. But has our ways of expressing love and affection gone full-blown “techie” too?

Sometimes, being caught up in the techno superhighway means taking loved ones for granted with “I Love You’s”  (if there are any) simply messaged through mobile or social network sites.  So, we came up with a little list to show the people inside the four corners of our home how much we love them, without actually saying it. Sorry guys, this doesn’t involve an app.

1. How was your day?”

Asking this question to your kid still in school or your partner would usually get the standard answer “Okay” or “I studied well for the test and I hope I could pass it.” But, try asking this in a positive and light way with follow-up questions and you might be surprised with the answers you get.

2. Get them a “celebration pizza.”

This is more than just giving them a treat; it’s a gesture that makes your partner or your kids think you are actually thinking of them after a big day they just went through – a big presentation, a thesis defense, or championships.

3. “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella—it looks like it’s going to rain.”

Be their sunshine on a rainy day! And have an umbrella handy for them too.

4. “I’m proud of you for ____”

Studies show that receiving appreciation is directly linked to happiness. Mentioning something specific about your loved one — be it an accomplishment, an attitude or acing a test — will make them feel like Superman/Super girl!

5. Wash the dishes even if they don’t ask you to.

Random acts of kindness would definitely make the day brighter. Lighten the load and volunteer to wash the dishes after a meal.

6. Quiz them before a test.

Help your kids be a whiz at quizzes by observing which kind of questions he or she misses and review him/her more on that topic.

7. Use your mirror.

More than just seeing themselves to validate their current look, use the mirror to help validate their worth and value. Keep a tube of cheap lipstick handy and write “Be awesome today!” on the bathroom mirror every so often. Make sure, of course, that you clean it afterward.

8. Be a spy.

When window shopping, observe which particular item/s your loved one really wants, then buy it for them – just watch your budget too.

9. Prepare their favorite drink.

Serve your partner’s coffee or favorite drink just the way they like it with a simple note telling them to take a break.

10. “I’m praying for you.”

Because “I’m praying for you” is also saying “I love you”! Nothing proves that you love someone more than mentioning that you pray for them.

These days, technology may give us an “easy/instant” life, leading us to lose touch of our personal creativity. Why not try to go “old-school” this time? Because saying I love you in different ways will never be outdated.


Yvonne Dolorosa

In her 20s, Yvonne has already reached her dream of working for a publishing company. One of her greatest blessings is her passion for writing, which she uses to make Jesus more known. Aside from being a staunch believer in the saying, "A meal is not a meal without a rice," this true blue Negrense embraces the Filipino value of being family-oriented.

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