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What is the most unique gift you’ve received?

Ever received a picture frame when you asked for a kikay kit for your annual Christmas party? Well, you’re not the only one. Some of our readers spilled the beans about their most unique, and quite possibly the weirdest gift that made them go “aww” and “eww!”  You be the judge.


“On a special day, I received an ‘arinola’ and many more unusual things.” ~ Yvonne Grace Dolorosa

Back when I was teaching high school, I had an exceptional student who gave me a little bouquet of chillies (three red small chillies wrapped around in a toothpick with a small piece of tissue as ribbon). ~ Anne Roblas, full-time mom

An ex once gave me an arinola (chamber pot) filled with chocolate bars for Valentine’s Day. ~ Mimi Cabarles, inventory specialist

A glass chessboard. Na-Yolanda na at lahat, buhay pa din. – Ladylannie Tobilla, accountant

A trivet (small plate placed under a hot serving dish) made of bamboo and heart-shaped. – Shiela Mae Ocbeña, freelance virtual assistant

Set of 21 envelops that says OPEN THIS WHEN you are sad, happy, lonely, on your birthday, on your wedding day, etc. – Mike Sarona, teacher

A balloon pump! On my birthday. – Diana Mendoza, communications and development coordinator

As a graduation gift in the seminary, I received Snow White-themed socks. – Sonny Mungcal, highschool teacher

Cotton Buds on my birthday! Haha – Connalie Lobaton, senior highschool student

‘Yung friend ko took a photo of me using yung film camera niya. Noong nadevelop, binigay niya sa ‘kin. – Maan Mallari, research and programming coordinator

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