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Why men do what they do

A MAN’S world is pretty simple.  It revolves around satisfying desires associated with three different body parts.  From top to bottom, a man looks after his brain, his stomach, and his groin, though not necessarily in that order.

The man’s brain, while highly complex, points to one thing at the end of the day.  The man’s ego has to be stroked. Underneath the intelligence, or the drive to succeed, or even the desire to be in control is an ego that needs to be re-assured that everything is okay.

More than proving anything with his brain, a man just needs his woman to know that he is doing the right thing. Admittedly this is not always the case, but rather than a man being confronted with his failures, he needs his partner to direct him to the right path.

The man’s stomach desires one thing: never to be empty. This translates to the rest of the body that needs time for rest and recreation.  It may come in the form of a regular Sunday nap, time out with his buddies, or as plain as having his meals on time with his woman.

Man needs his woman to ensure that his stomach is never imperiled.  It’s a simple request, which when satisfied, assures a fully functioning man who is easier to communicate with.

Third, the man’s groin is often misunderstood.  Media has portrayed man as having animal instincts, satisfied merely by sex. To a certain extent, man, too, has become confused by his own sexuality. Deep inside and in its purest form, man has the desire to give love, and to receive love in return.

Man needs his woman to be his partner in this loving relationship.  Man wants someone to embrace and someone to embrace him back.  Man wants to be able to bare his whole and real self, soul, and body, to someone, in the same manner he wants that someone to reveal herself to him.  Most of the time, a man just needs someone to stroke his hair gently.

A lot of the confusion in this fast-paced world can be addressed if we can just pinpoint what really drives a man.  It would help a whole deal if his woman knew all of these as well. After all, they, too, live in an unusual world made difficult by an equally complex psyche.

Aldy Katigbak

Aldy Katigbak is a dedicated father of four who takes pride in being the kind of man his daughters want for their future spouse. A mentor to his two sons, he coaches them on life, finances, and basketball. Aldy married his first girlfriend and they now serve together in the pro-life ministry of a covenanted Catholic community, actively promoting St. john Paul II's Theology of the Body.

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