In the quest for what real love means, San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish collaborated with Family Is a Gift and Youth for Christ in conducting “Family Is a Gift Presents: A Love Like This” in San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish.

Fr. Jonathan Caballero, parish priest, opened the program with a message to his young parishioners. He noted that the youth are the “creators of communion” and are “faithful towards the sharing of the gospel”. Fun games spearheaded by the Parish Youth Ministry and Family Is a Gift team were enjoyed by the youth members.

The event was an acoustic session, led by Daniel Gabutin of Youth for Christ West C. Everyone enjoyed listening to and singing along with the band as they played classic love songs, popular among to the youth. YFC full-time pastoral workers Ira Juntereal, Maan Palacio, Darrice Manalo and Ereeka Gagarin shared their personal stories on romantic relationships and how “true love waits.” They also stressed the importance of the support of family and friends in the journey towards a lasting relationship of real love.

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