How will you recognize if a mental health illness is already present in your family and friends? To address the emerging concern of depression and suicide among young people today, St. Paul College Quezon City joined forces with Family Is a Gift in organizing an event to advocate the importance of mental health care among the students. This was held at the Sampaguita Hall in St. Paul College QC last November 20, 2018.

Grade 11 students were present to listen to the timely session titled “Finding Healing in Depression” given by Ms. Ilsa Reyes, a retreat director and inner healing facilitator. She reminded the teens not to be afraid to open up to their friends and families. She also emphasized the importance of the presence of the family in battling mental health illness and for them to always be sensitive to the emotional needs of family members. Ms. Reyes ended her session with a prayer through the song “We are the Reason,” and asked everyone to lift up each other with hope and constant guidance from the Lord.

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